Cook County Assessor May Reassess Entire County

Posted April 7, 2020

The Chicago Sun-Times recently reported that the Cook County Assessor is considering reassessing all property in Cook County as a result of the economic effects of the coronavirus. What this means for taxpayers is that they may see their assessments change even though their townships are not scheduled to be reassessed in 2020.

The Sun-Times quoted the Assessor as saying his staff will “have to bend over backwards to keep on schedule.” This means that the period to appeal these new assessments that are issued by the Assessor may be shortened. The Sun-Times further reported that “re-reviews” by the Assessor may be eliminated and the time from notice to deadline may be shortened from 40 days to 35.

There are 2 important things to take away from this news. First, if you are a taxpayer in Cook County, the assessment on your property may change this year. Second, the time you have to appeal that new assessment may be shorter than it has been in years past.

Crane and Norcross remains ready to analyze and, if necessary, appeal every assessment issued by the Cook County Assessor during this unprecedented period of economic upheaval. If you have any questions about the Cook County Assessor or property taxes in general, please contact us at or 312-726-9161.